Game of the Day: Ultrablock

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ultrablock game of the day
Compared to some of the games we've featured in the past, today's Game of the Day is refreshingly simple. However, what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for with pure addictive fun.

In Ultrablock, you'll have to click on groups of three or more colored blocks to destroy them. Fairly straightforward. But beware, if you accidentally click a single block or a pair of colored blocks instead of a group of at least three, you'll create a skull. Skulls cannot be removed from the board so be extra careful with your clicks. In addition, colored bombs will occasionally appear. At that point you should just stop worrying and learn to love the bomb, because clicking those will destroy all the blocks of that color. Whatever you do, don't let the blocks reach the ceiling, or it's game over.

Definitely check out Ultrablock below, but make sure you have time on your hands because once you start you won't be able to stop.

Click here to play Ultrablock!
ultrablock game of the dayultrablock game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • If you see that a row is about to be added, don't try to frantically click a cluster. Simply wait until it's added to the stack. It's easy to accidentally click the wrong block and produce a skull when a new row is added.

What level were you able to make it to in Ultrablock?
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