Asteroids: Gunner to crash-land onto your earthly iPhone, iPad shortly

AsteroidsHow do you revive one of most recognizable classic games of all time? Turn it into a mobile social game, duh. Atari will soon release Asteroids: Gunner, the next take on its hit franchise, to iOS devices everywhere. The game, which is said to hit Nov. 10, turns the retro staple into a freemium dual-stick shooter, meaning power-ups and upgrades are available for both in-game currency and real cash.

And by "dual stick" we mean that players will push their thumbs frantically in opposite circles to both avoid running into asteroids and blow them to smithereens. The social comes in with both Game Center and OpenFeint support with a myriad of achievements to brag about with friends. We'd say that Asteroids: Gunner marks a shift in Atari's direction, but we'd be lying.

Atari has been keen on social on mobile gaming for some time now, having launched a Facebook version of Asteroids and two original games: puzzler Faeries vs Darklings and Dungeons & Dragons-themed role-playing game Heroes of Neverwinter. While the three games have enjoyed tepid results, Atari is far from finished.

In addition to Asteroids: Gunner, the company has a mobile version of iconic brick-breaker Breakout in the works for iOS, too. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the next Asteroids later this week. (Spoiler: You're going to blow things up--including yourself--a lot.)

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