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If you're having a bit of deja vu here, mayors, you're not alone. Not only has the CityVille Halloween Sale been extended (along with the entire Halloween event, at least for a short while longer), but the sale has been expanded greatly, with the prices reduced even further! If you had any intention whatsoever of stocking up on Halloween Monster-themed items to use for next year's Halloween in the game, the time to shop is right now! Here's a complete look at what's available:

Massacre Mansion (Home)
  • Costs: 60 City Cash (25% off)

Forgotten Factory (Community Building)
  • Costs: 49 City Cash (39% off)

Goblin House (Home)
  • Costs: 30 City Cash (25% off)

Pumpkin Palace (Home)
  • Costs: 35 City Cash (30% off)

Candy Apples (Crop)
  • Costs: 3 City Cash per square (25% off)

Treacherous Trailer (Home)
  • Costs: 6,650 coins (30% off)

Zombie Condo (Home)
  • Costs: 21 City Cash (40% off)

Witch Rickety House (Home)
  • Costs: 39 City Cash (40% off)

Warlock House
  • Costs: 700,000 coins (30% off)

Witches Hat Shop (Business)
  • Costs: 5,400 coins (40% off)

Brain Shop (Business)
  • Costs: 24 City Cash (40% off)

Enchanted Forest Sidewalk
  • Costs: 75 coins (50% off)

Zombie Mobile (Decoration)
  • Costs: 3,900 coins (50% off)

Spooky Cyprus Tree (Decoration)
  • Costs: 1,500 coins (50% off)

Kid Playing in Pumpkin Patch
  • Costs: 19,000 coins (50% off)

Apple Bobbing Bucket (Decoration)
  • Costs: 2,150 coins (50% off)

Zombie Shed
  • Costs: 5 City Cash (50% off)

Tomb Stone Store (Business)
  • Costs: 6,250 coins (50% off)

Plagued Playground (Community Building)
  • Costs: 37,500 coins (25% off)

Swamp Shanty (Home)
  • Costs: 8,000 coins (20% off)

Walking Dead Walk Up (Home)
  • Costs: 9,000 coins (25% off)

Demented Dentist (Community Building)
  • Costs: 16,250 coins (35% off)

Candy Corn (Crop)
  • Costs: 3 City Cash per square (40% off)

Crypt Keepers Crib (Home)
  • Costs: 56 City Cash (30% off)

Atrocious Apartments (Home)
  • Costs: 52 City Cash (20% off)

Troll Tree House (Home)
  • Costs: 40 City Cash (20% off)

Dead Man Cave
  • Costs: 30 City Cash (25% off)

Gnome Dome (Community Building)
  • Costs: 60 City Cash (20% off)

Grooving Mummies
  • Costs: 12 City Cash (20% off)

Poltergeist House (Home)
  • Costs: 189,000 coins (30% off)

Zombie ER (Community Building)
  • Costs: 27,300 coins (35% off)

Mummy Exhibit (Business)
  • Costs: 6,300 coins (30% off)

Cursed Tree (Decoration)
  • Costs: 7,500 coins (50% off)

Bloodcurdling Brownstone (Home)
  • Costs: 97,500 coins (25% off)

Sidewalk of Doom
  • Costs: 25 coins (50% off)

Deathly Sidewalk
  • Costs: 50 coins (50% off)

Creepy Country Cottage (Home)
  • Costs: 266,000 coins (30% off)

Treacherous Tree (Decoration)
  • Costs: 32,500 coins (50% off)

Tree of Enchantment (Community Building)
  • Costs: 22,100 coins (35% off)

Fairy Ponderosa
  • Costs: 975,000 coins (25% off)

Werewolf Lodge (Home)
  • Costs: 13,500 coins (25% off)

Witchcraft Academy
  • Costs: 13,800 coins (40% off)

Transylvania Station (Community Building)
  • Costs: 53 City Cash (25% off)

Zombie Safe House (Home)
  • Costs: 3,200 coins (20% off)

Forsaken Fortress
  • Costs: 68 City Cash (20% off)

Frankenstein's Lab
  • Costs: 45 City Cash (25% off)

Zombie Hideout (Home)
  • Costs: 3,840 coins (20% off)

Halloween Townhouse (Home)
  • Costs: 7,125 coins (25% off)

Ominous Estate
  • Costs: 600,000 coins (20% off)

Spooky House (Home)
  • Costs: 13,875 coins (25% off)

Haunted Library (Community Building)
  • Costs: 14,000 coins (50% off)

Abandoned Tomb
  • Costs: 5,750 coins (50% off)

(Community Building)
  • Costs: 12,375 coins (25% off)

Ghoulish Graveyard (Community Building)
  • Costs: 3,750 coins (25% off)

Lonely Lantern (Decoration)
  • Costs: 3,000 coins (50% off)

Scary Grave
  • Costs: 3,750 coins (50% off)

Blood Bank (Business)
  • Costs: 3,000 coins (25% off)

Ghostly Grave
  • Costs: 4,750 coins (50% off)

Ghost Ship
  • Costs: 51,000 coins (40% off)

Hair Raising Grave (Decoration)
  • Costs: 4,250 coins (50% off)

Jack-O-Lantern (Crop)
  • Costs: 3 City Cash per square (40% off)

As you can see from the list above, almost every single Halloween-themed item in the game's store is on sale. The Scream Acres Neighborhood, as it is a permanent addition to the game's store, isn't on sale, but it only costs 7,500 coins to begin with, which isn't so bad. As of this writing, you have a little under two days to complete all of the Halloween Monster goals in the game, and apparently the same amount of time to purchase these items from the store. Make sure to do some shopping as soon as you can, as there's no telling which of these items will be re-released next Halloween, and which will be gone for good!

Have you already spent all of your coins / City Cash on Halloween-themed items, or will you take advantage of these sale prices before it's too late? Share your shopping plans with us in the comments!
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