There's nothing dreamy about eDream's 'Suitcase Game' on Facebook

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edreams suitcase gameAnother day, another company tries to pull you into its web with a lame social "game." Today's offender is online travel site eDreams, which has launched The Suitcase Game as part of a giveaway that's offering up four free airline tickets to Madrid or Kiev.

The Suitcase Game works like this: First, choose from a selection of suitcases -- everything from a sleek modern case to the more retro sticker-encrusted model. Then, enlist your Facebook friends to do two things: lighten your load and add weight to other people's luggage. For each person you invite, you'll be given 1 kilo to distribute to the competition and for each friend who accepts your request for help -- you'll lose 1 kilo (Yeah, a kilo. This is a European company) of weight from your suitcase. Whomever has the lightest luggage by November 7 will win the game, and be able to choose whether they want a free trip to Kiev or Madrid.

I suppose eDreams should get props for attempting creativity (*slow hand clap*), but let's just call The Suitcase Game what it is -- an elaborate marketing promotion. In the case of this advergame (like most of its ilk), it's better to leave the whole 'game' thing to the professionals.

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