Soaps, Elvis and old cars to make for Facebook game nostalgia bomb

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Old Toy CarAlright, Entertainment Games, we're interested--just what in the world are you cooking up? The Langhorne, Penn.-based casual games portal and developer has hired toy car designer Mike Andrews to help out with its upcoming social game for Facebook, Google+, mobile devices and the open web. Still nothing has been directly revealed about Entertainment Games's upcoming social game project.

"It is invigorating to focus my lifelong passion for cars and hot rods in an entirely new direction by designing an innovative customization and social game experience," Andrews said in a release. "Players will be enthralled, amused, and hopefully addicted to the eternal quest for the ultimate dream car."

Andrews is best known for his 26 years of work with Mattel on the Hot Wheels line of toy cars, and it's that type of extensive experience the game creator hopes to use in its mysterious social game. Before this, Entertainment Games acquired rights to the Elvis Presley license, who will be featured prominently throughout the game. And prior to that, the company took on soap opera specialist Michael Fairman for his ability to attract the coveted 25 to 54-year-old women demographic.

So, now we know that this "retro-based social game" will make liberal use of classic cars in addition to The King and possibly some soap opera-like themes. References to the effect social games has had on the soap opera industry or how nostalgia might be a brilliant hook to bring more baby boomers into Facebook gaming, now we just want to what the hell this game is.

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Given the deluge of hints at what Entertainment Games's first social game will be like, are you excited about it yet? Would you ever play a social game purely for nostalgia's sake? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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