Plants vs Zombies for iPhone update unearths nine new mini games

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Plants vs Zombies iPhoneLook, Plants vs Zombies might be PopCap's most entertaining game to date (next to Peggle), but even flinging seeds at ravenous zombies gets stale after awhile. Luckily, PopCap thinks so too, and has updated PvZ for iPhone, bringing with it a whopping nine new mini games that players can buy using coins in Crazy Dave's Shop. Well, at least these mini games are new to the iPhone--they're all from the PC and Mac version of PvZ.

Each of the nine new games comes in a pack of three for 50,000 coins, which players can collect through just playing the Adventure Mode or tending to their Zen Gardens (released in the previous update). Of course, you can expedite the process by purchasing bundles of 100,000 coins for $.99 apiece. Here's a sneak peek at all nine mini games, courtesy of PopCap:

Game Pack #3

  • Walnut Bowling 2: Knock 'em dead in this killer twist to an old favorite sport.
  • Seeing Stars: Unravel the mystery of the star-shaped pattern.
  • Bobsled Bonanza: Melt the ice and defeat bobsledders and Zombonis in this frosty battle.

Game Pack #4
  • Invisi-Ghoul: Test your prowess to take on invisible zombies.
  • Last Stand: Not your average day at the pool!
  • ZomBotany 2: Hybrid zombies sport plant heads and abilities to up the challenge ante.

Game Pack #5
  • Beghouled Twist: An homage to Bejeweled Twist, this mash-up requires match-3 skill.
  • Pogo Party: Crash the pogo party of your roof!
  • Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick: Get ready to move faster than ever!
PvZ mini games
All nine mini games sound like fun, but we're most interested in this homage to Bejeweled Twist, and Walnut Bowling has always been a blast when it comes up in Adventure Mode. This update also introduces more Achievements to brag about share on Apple Game Center, most notable of which is Peking Express.

This is a micro game of sorts in which you're timed on how quickly you scroll all the way down the Achievements page to visit China and its zombies. I made it in just over 10 seconds--can you beat my time? If you're game, then click on the link below and get to diggin'. If anything, this should hold you over until Peggle and PvZ hit Facebook ... maybe.

Click here to download the new Plants vs Zombies update for iPhone >

Have you unlocked any of the new features in this PvZ update? Which of the new mini games are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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