Adventure World Treasure Trail Expedition: Everything you need to know

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So, you've gone through the jungle and have saved your friend Malcolm from the Lost Cave, but you've really only scratched the surface for what Adventure World has to offer. With Zynga's newest Facebook game, we see gameplay that is split into two: you'll have a Base Camp that allows you to earn supplies, build buildings and collect coins (not entirely unlike the Homestead in Pioneer Trail), and can then set out on adventures, or expeditions, that help to further along the main storyline, or just serve as side-quests of sorts.

The first of these expeditions is called Treasure Trail, and it sees you being put in search of an Azure Skull. You'll need to have 600 Supplies to start this expedition (after all, if you're going to be gone from Base Camp for an extended period of time, you'll need the basics like food and water), and will have enough Supplies to last you three days. To be specific, this three day time period is how long you have to finish the entire expedition, but if you follow our guide (and work straight through), you can easily finish it in one sitting. The Treasure Trail has three quests within itself; here's how to complete all three.

Find the Azure Skull!

Recover the Rare Azure Skull

As you might have guessed, this Skull is located at the very end of this particular map, and while the path is mostly linear, there are traps and enemies in the way (Snakes) that hope to stop you from succeeding. As usual, if you ever see a tiki-head with a lever, you'll want to make sure and clear your path to it before doing anything else (particularly walking over those matching tiles on the ground). If you do happen to get stuck, you'll have to waste valuable energy in escaping, so it is in your best interest to go a bit slower to avoid the traps.

Once you get to the end of the map, you'll see the setup above, where you'll need to click on the highlighted button to start a Simon Says game. Click on the three totems in the order you're told and the Azure Skull will lower allowing you to collect it.

Gather the Ruby Vases

Get at least 3 Ruby Vases

These Ruby Vases stand out pretty well against the green of the jungle, and while you can normally save your energy and skip collecting them, in this case they are required. Your first Ruby Vase is located just inside the map's beginning, so knock that shrub out of the way to get to it. The next Ruby Vase is guarded by a Snake and a trap, so make sure to deactivate the trap and eliminate the Snake before focusing your attention on the Vase itself. There are two more vases located even further ahead (one up a hillside, and the other next to the bridge, as seen below), so grab one or both of them to finish this particular quest with ease.

Gather the Jade Vases

Get at least 5 Jade Vases

These Jade Vases are harder to spot (since they're green like most of the map), but the quest works the same as the Red Vase quest above. Just make your way through the shrubs, snakes and traps to gather at least five Jade Vases. Watch out - one Jade Vase is particularly well hidden, to the left of a trap at the top of the map, as seen below.

Once you've finished these three quests, you'll receive your score and expedition/quest mastery points. That's right - you can complete these expeditions again multiple times in order to earn more coins, experience points and so on. That's not the way to eventually progress through the story, but if you need a few more XP before you can level up (and unlock new Expeditions to complete), it's something to keep in mind.

Congratulations on finishing your first real Expedition, adventurers! Keep checking back with us as we break down all of the Expeditions as they become available. Happy exploring!

Have you finished the Treasure Trail expedition? What do you think of the gameplay in Adventure World so far? Sound off in the comments.
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