Zynga goes bananas for Astro Ape, potential buyout in action [Rumor]

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AstroApe StudiosCan we finally give Zynga an ominous title ... like the Ape Assimilator? (It just rolls off the tongue.) Business Insider reports that Zynga, most recently creator of Pioneer Trail, has purchased self-proclaimed mobile social game competitor Astro Ape, most recently known for Monsterz Revenge for iPhone. And no "anonymous sources" even needed to be cited--just look at Linkedin.

Astro Ape CEO Chieh Huang, along with a number of his colleagues, have changed their profile information to positions within Zynga NY, one of the global companies few east coast studios. Specifically, Business Insider cites Astro Ape's director of engineering, who has taken the exact same title within Zynga's New York office.

So, the website deduces that Zynga has more than likely acquired Astro Ape. And what an interesting turn of events. Just recently, Huang called out Zynga, claiming that his studio was better than the omnipresent Facebook games creator.

"It sounds like a basic concept, but I think it's getting lost a bit today in social gaming. Our users come into our apps because they want to play our games, not because we spam them with invites, requests and other offers," Huang said months ago, indirectly referring to Zynga.

Monsterz Revenge
Has Astro Ape bended its stance in the name of the mighty dollar, or does it plan to bring a new breed of mobile game to Zynga? Who knows, but if this turns out to be true, Zynga just employed a brilliant strategy, sway the naysayers.

[Via VentureBeat]

Do you think this is enough proof that Zynga has bought Astro Ape? What do you think Astro Ape would bring to Zynga, and will it involve its existing games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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