With Wall Street Game on Facebook, you can pretend everything's OK

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Wall Street Game FacebookWhat wonderful timing you have, Ender's Fund. (And yes, the game is simply titled Wall Street Game.) The developer, which has little to no web presence, recently released its free market trading game on Facebook, and it couldn't be more aptly titled. The game begins with a terribly dramatic intro about a man losing it all on the stock market, only for a legendary investor to swoop in and write him a $10 million check. That man is you, and it's time to make some money.

Wall Street Game, rather than simply present players with spreadsheets and mock Excel documents filled with numbers and foreign symbols, takes on the familiar isometric, avatar-driven play style of most Facebook games. (However, there are lots of numbers to translate if you've never invested in company stock before.)

There are a number of customization options for your wheelin' dealin' trader, but what's more important is the gameplay. The game uses real time data from the stock market to influence gameplay, which is basically gaming the market by buying and selling at the correct times.

Wall Street Game Facebook in action
However, it's made competitive through throw-downs, or challenges to your friends to see who can make the most market gains in a period of time. The developer says, "If you are winning in our game, you could be winning on the real Wall Street." Perhaps we just found the cure to the already-ailing stock market ... nah, but how about a nice alternate reality for the troubled trader to escape into? Wall Street Game has just 407 monthly players since its July release, so we hope would-be traders latch onto either motive, and fast.

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[Via Business Insider]

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