Angry Birds Seasons Moon Festival will soar to China first, globally later

Angry Birds Seasons Moon FestivalRovio is preparing one giant slingshot to fling the Angry Birds into China, and on the backs of those birds will be the Moon Festival update for Angry Birds Seasons. Pocket Gamer reports that the company will launch this update, which is expected to have extra levels that celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with distinctly festive Chinese set pieces.

Like all Angry Birds updates (well, except for that Mighty Eagle bit), this Moon Festival update will be free. However, Rovio plans to release the update to China first through Madhouse, a Chinese ad marketing network, according to VentureBeat.

And the developer has high expectations of its Chinese audience, awaiting about 100 million downloads by year's end. (Apparently, Rovio is going straight to Chinese stomachs with Angry Birds-themed Moon Cakes, too.) According to Pocket Gamer, the update is slated for September release.
Angry Birds Moon Festival items

[Image Credit: Rovio]

Are you psyched for another set of bird-flinging, pig-destroying levels? Do you Angry Birds will be around for much longer in its current state? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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