No More Heroes Royal could be the bloodiest social game ever

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No More HeroesYes, because that's what attracts the middle-aged ladies ... blood. (Well, ladies of the fanged persuasion.) Suda 51, the creator of the stylish, gory No More Heroes franchise, is working on an Android-based social version titled No More Heroes Royal, Tom's Hardware reports. When DeNA announced its Super Creators program yesterday containing deals with major Japanese game designers like the creators of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, another of those developers was Goichi Suda, better known as Suda 51 of Grasshopper Manufacture.

However, what we didn't know then was that the designer plots to create a seriously sanguine social game. "We're aiming to make it the social game with the most blood," Suda said during the conference. He added that not only does he want the game to have "power" and "impact," but he also wants it to succeed overseas. Meaning the U.S. ... meaning American smartphones.

While Suda reportedly has over 100 ideas for social games, the No More Heroes game is aimed for a winter release, and will be the first of many. As for the games created under DeNA's Super Creators program, they'll all be published by AQ Interactive and released over Mobage, the Ngmoco-powered mobile social games platform that looks to set the world on fire. Or, you know, drown it in digital blood.

[Image Credit: Grasshopper Manufacture]

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