Real gold is at stake in American Express' Gold Rush for Facebook

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Gold RushAmerican Express has already double dipped its gold-dipped hands in Facebook games with FarmVille recently. But now the credit card company looks to make a solid effort in, yes, promoting a product through a Facebook game.

Wait, hear us out--$15 thousand in real gold bullion could be yours in this game, titled The Great America Express Gold Rush. (But only if you're a UK resident, sorry.) The game, while clearly designed to promote the new Preferred Rewards Gold Card, could teach you a thing or two about trading.

In a nutshell, what you must do is buy gobs of gold product from coins to jewelry to straight bars of the stuff, and sell it at a profit abroad. The game is far deeper than that, however, as prices at home differ from those in locales like New York, Sydney, Dubai and more.

And Gold Rush dives even deeper, as those prices change daily, which is displayed on the home page through a news ticker of sorts. However, the game is played daily, meaning you have to post a score to the daily leader boards every day to qualify for daily giveaway prizes.

This might be a bit much for the average gamer, but considering $15 thousand in 100 percent gold is to be given to the champion come August 5, we're sure you can squeeze in a few minutes a day. Of course, the game takes a minor level of business savvy, so you might not see me tearing it up. But if you're the type that likes creating six-figure numbers out of midair with reckless abandon, then this game contest ... thing is all yours.

Great American Express Gold Rush

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