Marc Ecko's Weeds Facebook game (puffs then) passes this month

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WeedsMarc Ecko has rolled up a new joint on Facebook--figuratively, of course. Weeds, the hit show on Showtime revolving around a pot-dealing suburban soccer mom, will have its very own marijuana-making Facebook game this month.

Ecko's game studio, Ecko Code, built the game in association with Lionsgate Films to coincide with the show's season premiere June 27. And you can probably already guess what you'll be up to in Weeds Social Club (its official title).

Admittedly, much of the game sounds like the Canadian Facebook ganja-grower Pot Farm. Players will have to grow and create their own strains of marijuana, and tend to the "crops" much like they would in the far more innocent FarmVille.

As you level up in the game, you will unlock advanced strains of the potent plant to sell above or below street value. With the cash, players can deck out their houses with tons of digital goodies, and buy even more with Favors, the game's paid currency.
Weeds Social Club
The game's not all about growing the fire grass, at least. Andy Botwin from the show is featured in the game, and he's been blessed with the voice and wit of Justin Kirk (who plays Andy in Weeds) to give you tips as you progress. More importantly, Weeds Social Club will follow the plot of the show closely, and perhaps even try out new, alternative plot lines.

This social tie-in is decidedly more mature than most, and Marc Ecko frankly doesn't care. "There has been this philosophy of don't offend anyone, be very broad-this Hallmark card philosophy," Marc Ecko told Business Week. "We believe there is a user out there that wants something with more teeth and more counter culture." Well, you can't get more "counter culture" than this--unless, of course, someone went and made a Breaking Bad Facebook game.

[Source and Image Credit: Business Week]

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