Angry Birds-maker Rovio snaps up animator Kombo in its beak

Angry Birds Kombo
Are the Angry Birds more like Angry Falcons these days? Not quite, but their creator, Rovio, has purchased an animation studio called Kombo. The Helinski, Finland-based developer bought the also-Finnish animators for an undisclosed amount in cash and stocks, according to a statement. Now, Kombo will focus its efforts on doing work for Rovio properties.

Rovio wasn't exactly keen on revealing what Kombo will do for the Mighty Eagle, but did say this in the statement: "... the Helsinki-based studio strengthens Rovio's animation production capabilities, with the long-term goal of creating a world class powerhouse in animated entertainment. The deal combines one of the most talented animation studios in the region with the fastest growing entertainment property in the world."

Judging from Rovio's words, this looks like an acquisition to improve its presence in other media like TV and film, which company Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka has revealed his interest in before. This could very well be the next step toward the Angry Birds movie, the Angry Birds TV show or even the Angry Birds video podcast! May the Pigs help us all.

[Via VentureBeat]

[Image Credit: Kombo]

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