Angry Birds downloaded over 200 million times; it's just the beginning

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Angry Birds Darwin Style
To say that Angry Birds is bigger than you think is a severe understatement. That's especially so considering that the irate avian creatures soared past even Rovio's expectations. In a short interview with TechCrunch during the Next 11 Conference in Berlin, Germany, Rovio Mighty Eagle (don't ask what the title means) Peter Vesterbacka reveled in the news: Angry Birds has reached over 200 million downloads. Of course, that's across all platforms including most recently Google's Chrome Web Store, which already enjoy 5 million Angry Birds fans.

Rovio predicted previously that it would hit 100 million downloads in 2011, so you can understand the laughter in Vesterbacka's video interview with TechCrunch. So, what's next? Rovio is gonna' ride this wave into even more toys, games and even possibly a feature film revolving around the pig-smashers.

The company recognizes how difficult it is for a developer to strike gold (Rovio made 50 games before the ubiquitous Angry Birds), so it's not about to let go of a good thing. Scratch that--an incredibly lucrative thing that appears to make money through some form of alchemy or dark magic.

However, Vesterbacka is looking into other markets, namely China, to create another mega hit in vein of the wildly successful Hello Kitty. He's also looking into integrating location-based services into the Angry Birds brand. With this many avenues open for the Angry Birds, expect them to be around well into 2011 and beyond.

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