Sony in the (slow) process of restoring SOE Facebook games

Late last night, Sony began the systematic restoration of its PlayStation Network service, allowing all PS3 users the chance to upgrade their systems for added security, along with changing their passwords. Following suit, Sony Online Entertainment's many MMOs have started being restored as well - including those games that are on Facebook.

As of this writing, games like Wildlife Refuge are once again playable, while Dungeon Overlord still seems to be suffering from loading issues. SOE has launched a massive "Welcome back" program detailing most of their online games, but unfortunately, Facebook-specific games don't seem to have made the cut. While it's true that free items or bonuses might be added to each specific Facebook game in the future, your best bet would be to check the Facebook fan pages for each of your played apps in order to keep track of any offers that may or may not come.

It's a disappointing outcome, to be sure. While the company's Facebook games may not have the large player bases as their paid subscription games, should they not receive anything for the company's forced downtime? We'll make sure to stay on top of things and will let you know if the current system is updated for Facebook-specific games as well.

Were you affected by SOE's downtime over the past month? Should only the paid subscribers receive free rewards now that the service is back online, or should Facebook players also receive compensation for lost time? Let us know in the comments.
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