SOE offers free stuff for network outage, zilch for Facebook gamers

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We expected Sony to offer its 24 million Sony Online Entertainment game fans a deal for putting up with its 12-day network outage, but one subgroup in particular seems to have got the shaft. SOE, according to VentureBeat, is offering several deals for Everquest, DC Universe Online, Star Wars Galaxies and even Vanguard players. But only one Facebook game has been mentioned (if SOE is even referring to the Facebook edition): PoxNora.

PoxNora fans, once the service comes back online, will enjoy a limited edition Carrionling pet, a Welcome Back 5K Gold Award Tournament, two Draft Tournaments and 500 Station Cash. That's a pretty hefty offer, though VentureBeat points out that, because these are all virtual goods, it's not actually costing SOE much dough. However, what about fans of other SOE Facebook games like Wildlife Refuge or the Everquest companion app? While those games have tiny player bases, they are SOE games nonetheless.

"We thank you for your patience as we continue to work around the clock to restore our game services," SOE said in a statement. "We know this has been a frustrating time for you and appreciate your understanding as we work to confirm the security of our network." No date was given on the expected return of SOE's games. We've also contacted SOE regarding the news.

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Have you been affect by the SOE outage? Do you think the company should reward its Facebook audience as well, or is it not worth it? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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