Surveys: Casual gamers make up 63 percent of all UK Internet users

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Casual games played by 63 percent of UK internet usersI guess PopCap was right to launch Bejeweled 3 in London, huh? The newest UK National Gamers Survey has found that 28 million Internet users in the UK, or 63 percent of the total, are casual gamers. Business 2 Community reports that, of those 28 million, 20 million play casual games on a mobile device. Of course, this likely means games including FarmVille and Angry Birds, but way over half of the British Internet population is widespread nonetheless.

Need more convincing? The survey goes on to report that it finds 40 percent of time spent on Facebook is playing games, and that 19 percent of social gamers admit their addiction. While some countries aren't as addicted to social media as the US, the numbers go to show that no culture is immune to the gripping effects of social games.

However, also keep in mind the the survey was conducted by a pro-gamer organization. The B2C report continues to mention more detailed, unsurprising statistics such as demographics and projected profits but just the figure "63 percent" is enough to show the seemingly unstoppable spread of social gaming.

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How long do you think it will take before that number reaches, say, 80 percent of all UK Internet users? How will this level of ubiquity affect the industry as a whole? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.
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