Apple rejects PopCap's first 4th & Battery game, Unpleasant Horse

Unpleasant HorseWhat's the matter, Apple? A little edginess too much for ya, huh? Well, the news that Apple rejected PopCap's first offering on the App Store through 4th & Battery, its new indie studio, gets me a little miffed--unpleasant even. Horrible puns aside, Gamasutra reports that Apple brought down the hammer on Unpleasant Horse for "mature content," to which 4th & Battery announced the bummer on Twitter with, "We thought horses dying in meat grinders was wholesome family entertainment!"

The Seattle-based indie studio then tweeted that it has resubmitted the game with nothing changed but the listed age requirement. The game features an adorable if murderous horse that kills birds and leaps on other horses from above, launching them into a meat grinder, for bonus points. Think of it as a much darker Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition.

This could lead to an ongoing battle between the studio and Apple as it plans to release more iOS games with what Apple calls "mature content." It's just a wonder that completely useless "fart apps" spread meaningless flatulence around the App Store, while potentially fun games get the gates smashed in their faces for comedic violence. It begs the question: Where's the "immature content" rating standard?

[Image Credit: Gamers Daily News]

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