Playfish closing Pirates Ahoy!, Gangster City and Poker Rivals in June

GuillotineUpdate: To lighten the blow, Playfish is giving 5 Monopoly Gold to all new Monopoly Millionaires players. Check behind the break for more information.

And down the blade comes. Playfish announced recently on its forums that three of its games, Pirates Ahoy!, Gangster City and Poker Rivals will all shut down this June 7th. Admittedly, it explains why some of these games have had next to zero activity (ahem, Pirates), but is a loss nonetheless. Playfish forum representative Bevypoo said, "Regretfully, those games are no longer performing at a level in which they can continue to be supported and therefore we had to make this difficult decision," to explain the reason behind the closures.

The representative was quick to publish a FAQ page for the unfortunate news, which explains that players' existing Playfish Cash balances will not be affected. You can also still spend your virtual dollars in the three doomed games, but, sadly, why bother. She went on to mention that while the forums for said game will still be live after the games go kaput, they won't be for longer than 30 days afterward.

Our best wishes go out to the teams involved in creating and maintaining these three games--it must be a bummer to see your work end like this. Well gamers, there are always Monopoly Millionaires and World Series Superstars to try out. If you're looking for a pirate fix, try Mighty Pirates by CrowdStar or Pirates Saga on for size.

[Image Credit: Florida Center for Instructional Technology]

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Playfish Closure Announcement
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