Former Tecmo Koei CEO joins Zynga Japan sans vegetable hat

Kenji MatsubaraZynga Japan's current CEO, Robert Goldberg, will soon be replaced by Kenji Matsubara formerly of Tecmo Koei, reports. The new chief executive will begin May 9, 2011, and Goldberg will hang back and advise Matsubara for a time. No other significant details were given, but we can imagine what the new CEO brings to the table: an intimate understanding of the Japanese gaming audience.

Zynga Japan recently released its first game, FarmVillage (a localization of the original FarmVille), in December to much fanfare and ... giant vegetable hats. Surely Matsubara will provide his expertise in the company's next project, which is unknown, but we can already imagine how Zynga Japan will celebrate its release.

[Image Credit: Gamasutra]

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