Quote of the Moment: 'Zynga can't just throw FarmVille onto mobile'

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Angry Birds Facebook
You can't take an experience that works in one environment and one ecosystem and force-feed it onto another. It's like Zynga. They can't just take Farmville and throw it on mobile and see what sticks. The titles that have been successful for them on mobile are the ones they've built from the ground up for the platform.
Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio said this in an interview with Inside Social Games regarding Angry Birds' big move to Facebook. The (filthy rich) Angry Birds' "Mighty Eagle" also revealed that the Facebook version has been in the works for an entire year. This goes to show how seriously the company is taking the move in comparison to most studios who crank out Facebook games in a fraction of that time. However, the prime reason behind Rovio's extended development for Angry Birds Facebook is adapting the same experience to a different platform. One can imagine this is a challenge from either end of the spectrum.

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