Poll: Should FarmVille, Zynga in-game ad promotions be global?

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Zynga recently released its Stouffer's frozen foods in-game promotion in FarmVille. All players were given a free Mac & Cheese tree as well as a free Instant Grow for their crops. Well, we shouldn't say "all" players as the promotion is only available for FarmVille players in the US. Of course, this mad several farmers in our comments sections furious, and rightfully so.

However, is it even in Zynga's best interest to make its advertising campaigns universal? For instance, Stouffer's frozen dinners aren't available all over the world. (Though, they are available in Canada, which did not receive the promotion.) Or remember way back to what was supposed to be the first ever sponsored crop, peanuts? Yet at the last minute, either Israeli sponsor Saatchi and Saatchi pulled out or Zynga deemed them unfit for a US promotion. So with all that said:

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