CityVille Cheats and Tips: Energy Stockpiling 101

Many players see the rampant Energy gain in CityVille as one of its major flaws, because it allows the game to move too rapidly. But guess what, we're stuck with it for the time being, and there are plenty of ways to essentially play the game when and how you want--for free. No more of that buying Batteries nonsense. When forum member Provincia asked how high players could increase their Energy by, the responses were staggering. Yet not impossible. In fact, shooting your Energy level into three-digits territory is easy.

1. Send and you shall receive
The best way to get Energy is to send it. So, when there is nothing else to send your friends, send them +3 Energy Batteries. There's a high chance that they will return the favor. Stow these away for a rainy day. I've seen players reach over 300 Energy using just this method.

2. Go green
Not literally, but be smart about your Energy use. If you have particularly helpful friends, leave the costly stuff to them and only collect from properties that reward Energy. Just about every Community Building has a chance of dropping Energy. Actions while visiting friends cost zero Energy, so return the favor to them. If everyone involved understands that everyone else is trying to conserve Energy, then all is well.

3. Collections rock
There are a few Collections in the game that reward players with Energy when turned in. That said, I'd recommend only dealing with buildings that result in Energy-yielding Collections. These would include the Coffee Shop, Hot Cocoa Shop, Toy Store, Videogame Store, Pool Hall, Tavern, Corner Store, Tofu Burger and plenty more. Just check the Collections section of the game to find out what you should be running if you want to maximize Energy through Collections.

4. Visit early and often
Your friends are valuable to you, no? Then pay them a visit every once in a while. Actually, visit them a lot! Every time you visit them you will be rewarded with one Energy. If they're a brand new friend, it's five Energy for the first time you help them out. Which leads us to ...

5. Vicarious and gregarious
Make lots of new friends. Like, all the time. For every new friend you make, that's five Energy in your pocket for visiting them. Better yet, leading the vicarious CityVille life through even more players means even more Energy conserved. (While returning the favor, of course.) While I wouldn't personally recommend this due to Franchise issues and whatnot, cycling friends could be an easy way of amassing Energy.

And there you have it. Congratulations, you've passed Energy Stockpiling 101. Enjoy playing the game indefinitely, and we'll see you in about three weeks. Don't forget hygiene!

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