Facebook games will access your address and number (again)

Facebook and privacy
That wasn't long, was it? Facebook games will once again have access to more of your personal information, Mashable reports. Just over a month ago, Facebook retracted its change to third-party applications (i.e. games) that would allow them to access your home address and mobile number due to feedback. Then, members of Congress brought the change into question, leading to a lengthy exchange between Facebook and US representatives Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts) and Joe Barton (R-Texas).

Facebook responded to the questioning with, "We have not yet decided when or in what manner we will re-deploy the permission for mobile numbers and addresses," Facebook Vice President of Global Public Policy Marne Levine said. "As noted above, we are evaluating whether and how we can increase the visibility of applications' requests for permission to access user contact information. We are also considering whether additional user education would be helpful."

New Permissions window
In other words, Facebook has every intention of bringing the change back. However, how clear the website will make it within that initial "Request for Permission" window is up in the air. According to Mashable, the above image wasn't enough for the disgruntled users. Later in its response to the representatives, Facebook noted adding another pop-up notifying users of this increased access could reduce click-through rates by as much as 3 percent, Mashable reports. Well, duh.

Mass. representative Markey reports that he will continue to watch Facebook, all the while the website recently released a new draft of its privacy policy that's far more legible than before. Yet this doesn't change the fact that games are about to get a lot more personal with your data.

[Image Credits: Masalai and Mashable]

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