PopCap's first Zuma Blitz Tiki Talk demystifies the Chain Bonus

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Remember when we said that there would likely be more video content from PopCap for Zuma Blitz? Here's just that with the first edition of Tiki Talk from PopCap's Scott Willoughby. From here on out, Tiki Talk be a weekly look into new features, strategies and boards within Zuma Blitz. Scott wastes no time, getting into the nitty gritty in this first episode addressing the new "More Stats" screen, which gives players detailed information of their performance after each session.

Scott focuses mostly on a reliable way to rack up the points: the Chain Bonus. By consecutively making successful matches, players can multiply their score rapidly and be rewarded handsomely for accuracy. He then goes into how to tackle this week's board, a rehash of one we saw in Dec. 2010 that features two winding rows of balls and two skulls. His best hint? Use the explosive powers to knock out clustered areas of balls for big points. All in all, the video is well-produced (a major improvement over the first Zuma Blitz video) and highly informative for those who are serious about improving their Zuma game.

How do you like Zuma Blitz so far? What's your winning strategy for this week's board? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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