Hey ladies! Playdom spin-off Wild Needle's first social game is targeting you

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Keep your eyes on Wild Needle, a new social mobile gaming company created by Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson. Instead of creating more social games for Facebook, this new company is devoted to creating social games for your mobile phone.
"Wild Needle is building the next generation of incredibly fun, incredibly social, mobile games. We are a newly-funded, early-stage studio looking to raise the bar of what can be done within a mobile game. We are passionate about creating thoughtful, fresh, and compelling experiences for our players that make them want to come back over and over again."
Ok, so that's pretty much a bunch of marketing speak, but I found it interesting to hear that the first game Wild Needle plans to roll out will be targeted to ladies. Hopefully that means it'll be something more compelling than, say, another farming or virtual pet game (see pic from Wild Needle's site above).

[Via VentureBeat]

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