Then and Now: New Kids on the Block have the same 'filthy' sense of humor as they did as teens

New Kids on the Block: Then & Now
New Kids on the Block: Then & Now


Eighties and 90s kids, rejoice!

New Kids on the Block is kicking off their "Main Event" tour on May 1 in Las Vegas -- and if that's not enough to get you "hangin' tough" again, the boys prove time and again that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

"We're really filthy. In rehearsal, we're getting ready for the tour, so as we're learning the routines, we kind of go really too far with it. You know, people start humping the walls and stuff like that," Joey McIntyre said.

The crew will be joining Nelly and the surviving members of TLC at arenas around the country, and following a recent partnership with Cottonelle, they're encouraging everyone to get clean and go commando. We caught up with Jonny, Jordan, Joey, Donnie and Danny in an exclusive interview 29 years after the Beantown boys' self-titled debut album hit the stands.

How did you feel touring in 1986 versus now?
​Joey: "Our scrotums had not fully dropped, so in some ways it made it lighter -- our legs could move faster. So that was kind of a plus. We've doing it this time around longer than the first time around, so we're just incredibly grateful to be able to tour anywhere, but to be playing in arenas and being able to put on these huge shows and do what we love."

How often did you or do you go commando?
Joey: "I had quite a commando period myself. The 90s was kind of a commando heyday for me. And now with everything else in the world, it's easier with Cottonelle."

Who's your celebrity crush?
Danny: "Donnie married his."
Donnie: "She's my celebrity crush now."

What was your favorite article of clothing then, and what is it now?
Jordan: "Batman T-shirt then, and now I like wearing nice boots, nice black leather boots."
Danny: "Back then would be anything with a leopard print, and now probably Adidas on my feet on stage. Superstars."
Joey: "That would have to be my hat with the hole on the top. That would be wrong to say anything other than that. And now ... I've worn the same underwear since we've got back for every show since 2008. And that's a fact. They're clean, but they've got some holes in it."

What can fans expect to see at the Main Event tour?
Joey: "We've always embraced the past and the nostalgia while keeping it curent and fresh. I think we've done that again."

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