Astronomers discover 'largest structure in the universe'

Astronomers Discover 'Largest Structure in the Universe'
Astronomers Discover 'Largest Structure in the Universe'

While searching an unusual cold spot in space first discovered more than a decade ago, scientists have discovered what they say is the largest known structure in the universe -- a supervoid, ITN reports.

A team of astronomers in 2004 examined a map of radiation left over from the Big Bang and discovered an unusually large cold area of the sky. A new team of researchers led by István Szapudi at the University of Hawaii may have recently found an explanation for the spot, according to Science Daily.

The group discovered the unfathomable supervoid that is 1.8 billion light-years across, according to Sky News. A section of space of that size would typically house 10,000 galleries.

Learn more about the "exotic" phenomenon in the video above.

Amazing photos from the Hubble:

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