Fashion World: New Thanksgiving gifts hit the scene

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Fashion World Thanksgiving TableMetrogames always likes to release their new items in both their Fashion World and Mall Dreams games at the same time. Tonight, a set of new gifts has hit both games. We'll cover Fashion World first.

The new Fashion World gifts are nothing too spectacular; they're items that we've seen in pretty much every Facebook game that's celebrating this holiday. There are six gifts available in the game at any given time, and today the gifts were updated with six new Thanksgiving items.

The new gifts are as follows: Pilgrim Hat, Thanksgiving Dinner (shown at the right), Irish Hat, Turkey, Turkey Dinner, and Thanksgiving Basket. To access the gifts, simply log in to the game and click the busy icon on the left side that pops out with many available gifts when you hover over it.

That's it for the Thanksgiving gifts in Fashion World!

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