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cupcake corner on facebook

Cupcake Corner
is a Bakery simulation game developed by OMG Pop Games where you can create an amazing virtual Bakery with all types of cupcakes, Cookies, donuts and other delicious baked goods in a Bakery that you design, hire employees for and work in yourself. Earn money over time and re-invest it into your Bakery to make it the best it can be. Visit your Facebook neighbor's Bakeries too! Gamezebo's Cupcake Corner game guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.Quick Start Guide

cupcake corner on facebook

* You must have a current Facebook account to play Cupcake Corner. You can register for one here.

* You will start out with a tiny bakery that needs decor and you are given two ovens, two counters, one Table and chair, 10,000 Gold Coins and 5 Quick Bake Dollars to get you started.

* You will be taken through a brief Tutorial which will show you how to bake items and collect money. You will find a more detailed description of how to play the game below with tips to help you level up faster.

* NOTE - Be sure to look at the top of the screen and be sure to bookmark the game, click on "Like", and sign up for game updates with the developer.

* Click on the Shirt Icon at the bottom left of the game screen to design your Avatar. You can change the outfit or redesign the look of the avatar that represents you in the game or you can leave it at the default. Some of the items are free and some you will have to purchase.

How to Navigate around your Bakery/Game Elements

cupcake corner

* A. Currency - Here you will see how much currency you have on hand. There are 2 types of currency Gold coins and Quick Bake dollars which lets you purchase higher end items and speeding up baking times of your treats.
* B. Level/XP Indicator - Your current level is shown here along with how many XP you have. Place your cursor over meter to see how many XP you need to reach the next level.
* C. Change Avatar - Here`you can purchase items for your avatar and change its appearance. Some items are free and some require Quick Bake Dollars.
* D. Recipe Book - Click here or on an empty stove to choose items to bake and sell.
* E. Redecorate - Click here to purchase items to redecorate your Bakery with.
* F. Expand - Click here to purchase an increase in your Bakery size.
* G. Gifts - When a Neighbor sends you a free gift it will be found here after you accept it.
* H. Neighbor Menu - Here you will find your Neighbors. Click on their icon to visit their Bakery once per 24 hours for a coin bonus.
* I. Luxe Rating - This number increases as you decorate your Bakery. The higher the number the higher your tips will be. The highest this number can reach is 500.
* J. Satisfaction Rating - This number increases as your customers happiness increases and causes more customers to come into your Bakery. This number has a maximum of 100.

Baking Goods in your Bakery/Decorating and serving items to Customers

Cupcake Corner

Cupcake Corner

    * Each item that can be made in your Bakery can be found in the Recipe book at the bottom left menu or by clicking on any empty stove.
    * As you level up you will unlock more recipes that increase in cost and the amount they will make for you during different time amounts.
    * The more you bake of one item the higher up it goes in ranking. Look for the stars under the item. Once they fill up the item becomes mastered and can earn more for you.
    * Each Recipe can be designed with a special color topping or icing or you can pay with Quick Bake Dollars for special custom colors.
    * Note that each recipe has a cost to make and takes a certain amount to bake.
    * It will also earn you a certain amount of money for each serving.
    * Be sure to read how long each item takes and make sure you can be there to decorate and serve it on time or it will spoil.
    * You have the option to use Quick Bake Dollars to reverse the spoiling but it is very expensive and usually not worth it unless you have many dollars saved up or purchased.

Cupcake Corner

Cupcake Corner

  • Once your item is finished baking you will have the option to decorate it.
  • Click on the item once it is completed baking and the "Flavor Station" will open up to let you choose what colors and toppings you want on the items. It does not appear you can reverse your choice once it is made.
  • After an item is decorated it immediately moves to the sales counter.

Cupcake Corner

* Now customers will walk into your shop and if there are tables available. (Be sure to put a few in before your shop opens. (See decorating below)
* They will walk to the Counter and choose an item and they will take the item to the register to pay. Next, they will sit at the table and eat the item and if they are happy they will leave a tip.
* NOTE - The higher the Satisfaction meter and Luxe meter ratings the higher the tips and the more customers will come to your Bakery.
* If there is no table available customers will walk right back out the door.
* NOTE - A tip must be clicked on to collect it. If you leave tips on the table no new customers will come into the shop so be sure to check back into the game frequently to click on tips.

Cleaning Stoves after Use

Cupcake Corner

* After each use a Stove must be cleaned.
* This will cost you 10 coins and earns you 1 XP.
* Click on the Stove to clean it after you finish baking.
* It will prompt you to clean before you can bake another item in that stove.

Hiring Staff for your Bakery

Cupcake Corner

Cupcake Corner

* You will have one avatar representing yourself as the Baker and you will have Temp Workers behind the counter and Cash Register. You will have to pay the temp workers each day out of your profits.
* Temp workers are lazy and work slow.
* You can request that your Facebook friends work in your Bakery and if they do you will not have to pay them. In addition to working for free they also work faster than Temp Workers.
* Click on a worker to request a friend to work for you. A message will be posted on your Facebook profile and on your live feed.
* If a Neighbor responds to the request and they are hired you will see their name appear above the person in place of "Temp Worker"
* As you level up in the game you will have more employees and will be able to hire more friends.
* If you work for your friends you will also get a cash bonus so watch the live feeds for messages such as the one above.

Decorating your Bakery

Cupcake Corner

Cupcake Corner
* Decorating your Bakery is critical because it increases your Luxe rating which gives you higher tips.
* To decorate your Bakery click on the Hammer icon at the bottom of the screen.
* If you wish to expand the size of the bakery click on the icon to the right of the hammer and purchase the unlocked expansion.
* Once the menu opens you can move all items around the Bakery so if you wish to re-arrange items already in the Bakery do it with this menu open and then click on the green button to save changes.
* To purchase an item click on a category such as tables, chairs, wallpaper, etc. and drag the item to the location you wish to place it.
* NOTE - Wallpaper and floor tiles are sold individually. One Tile purchase does not cover the entire floor you will have to do this manually with each tile.
* If you have extras they will go into storage as a number above the item in the store or you can sell it back using the cash register in the menu at a reduced rate.
* Make sure the area is green before you place an item. If you see red it can not be placed.
* TIP - If you expand your Bakery you will have to purchase additional wallpaper and floor tiles so keep that in mind when you consider the overall cost.

Visiting your Facebook Neighbors for Bonus Coins/Free Gifts

Cupcake Corner

Cupcake Corner
* You are allowed to send your Neighbor 1 free gift every 24 hours and they can send you one as well. This is a food item that can be served in your Bakery for a profit.
* To send a gift click on the "Free Gift" icon at the top or bottom of the screen.
* Each time you visit a Neighbor for the first time you will be given a one time only 1,000 coin bonus so it is well worth it to invite your friends to play. You can also send them a coin bonus from this first visit.
* To visit a Neighbor, click on their icon at the bottom of the screen.
* When you visit a Neighbor you will be able to click on a bag of coins and 3 tables of tips once every 24 hours which will earn you possibly up to 300 coins per Neighbor visit.


Cupcake Corner

This article originally appeared on Gamezebo.

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