Moshi Monsters: Get Dustbin Bieber and three more exclusive in-game items right here

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If you haven't heard of Moshi Monsters, it's probably the most adorable kid-friendly online games in existence. In this pet simulation game (or should I say monster sim, since it stars cute little monsters), care for your pet monster and outfit its home with items purchased from in game stores.This game plays a lot like PetVille or Pet Society on Facebook, the biggest difference is that Moshi Monsters is only playable on the Web and has oodles of educational games geared for kids. is giving away codes for four exclusive Moshi Monsters items -- Dustbin Beaver, R2 Trashcan, Blobert and a Confetti Rocket. Find the codes for each of these items (and how to redeem them) after the jump.

Here are the four items and the codes you'll need to enter into the game to collect these exclusive items.

R2 Trashcan: GINGERSNAP11
Dustbin Beaver Poster: GIFTISLAND23
Confetti Rocket: PROFPURPLEX6

moshi monsters

OK, so you've got the codes -- now what? Head to and go to the sign-in page. Typing in your login information and then type in the code for the item you want in the 'Secret Code' box.

moshi monsters sign-in page

Then, after you sign in, head to your monster's house and open your inventory box. You'll find your exclusive item inside the box and all you need to do is drag it into your monster's room. It's as simple as that.

moshi monsters

moshi monsters items

Which of these new items did you add to your monster's house? Let us know in the comments below. Add comment.

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