It Girls releases new limited edition Couture fashions

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Hey It Girls! Do you like collecting the latest in limited edition fashions in CrowdStar's It Girl? If that's the case, then you should head over to the game's catalog, as you can now find five new clothing pieces available to purchase with Facebook Credits.

The items are fairly varied, in terms of theme, are are simply called "Couture" fashions. Here's the list of newly released items, along with their stats.

Cobalt Romance Dress - 34 points - Classy Casual / Night Life / Black Tie appropriate - 57 Facebook Credits ($5.70 US)
Silver Lining Hot Pants - 21 points - all but Black Tie - 48 Facebook Credits ($4.80)
Dreaming in Pink Skirt - 21 points - Outdoor / Casual / Classy Casual / Night Life - 48 Facebook Credits ($4.80)
Black Bon Jovi Tee - 17 Points - Beach / Outdoor / Casual / Night Life - 41 Facebook Credits ($4.10)
White Bon Jovi Tee - 17 Points - Beach / Outdoor / Casual / Night Life - 41 Facebook Credits ($4.10)

The items will only be available until they sell out from stores, but as of this writing, there are at least 1,300 of each left, so it seems like you'll have plenty of time to decide. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry, so you might consider shopping now, just to be sure.

While not in any particular theme, these items should be more than enough to help you win any Showdowns you might find yourself in, especially for lower level players.

Will you take advantage of these items' high stats by purchasing them from the store? Let us know in the comments!
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