Zoo Paradise: New nursery allows you to breed animals

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Zoo Paradise nursery
Zoo Paradise released a huge feature today with the addition of a new buildable Nursery. This new nursery allows you to breed animals together to make different colored pets for your zoo. However, before you can start breeding it does take quite some time to build the nursery.

The Nursery requires five each of Brown Paint, 2x4 Board, Paint Brush, Bag of Cement, Windows, Bucket of Nails, Case of Shingles, and Hinges. Unlike most games where you can request these items of your friends, these have to be sent to you directly from the gift page. Each day, a new giftable item will become available. This means that you won't be getting your nursery fully complete until you go through a long process of gifting to accomplish it. Of course, you could also buy it for 150 Facebook Credits, or about 15 dollars.

SInce we don't know exactly how great this new nursery will be because ours is still in progress, we can't yet say whether it is worth the credits or the gifting time to receive it It has been a long time since a new mechanic was released in Zoo Paradise though, so we're looking forward to seeing what the nursery holds for the future.

Did you complete your nursery? What kind of animals have you received from it so far?
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