Mall World refreshes gift list with six new decor items

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Mall World giftsMetrogames does a fantastic job of keeping their gift selection fresh and updated so that there is always something new to send to friends. Today, Mall World has updated with six brand new gifts that you can give and receive.

The most elaborate is the Cypress Fountain, which is a large fountain surrounded by water and trees. Second, there is a new Pool Deck perfect for lounging in the sun with a margarita in your hand. The Iron Street Clock is a classy way for your customers to tell time while on the go, and the Rising Sun Signage will lead them to where they need to go. The Vase Fountain is a really unique multilevel decorative fountain, which will look awesome if it is animated. Lastly, the Brown and White Pot is a new addition which is the most plain and boring but will add a bit of green foliage to your mall.

The game has also done a bit of revamping to the way you help customers. Previously, a customer would think about a store or a decoration in a thought bubble and you could click on them to help them out. Now, you need to actually drag them onto the building or decor item that they're thinking about. Sounds easy, right? Well, not if your mall has grown to a size where you can't remember what kind of buildings you put where. It does make it quite a bit more challenging to help out your customers who find themselves wanting something specific.

What other gifts are you hoping for in Mall World? Sound off in the comments!
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