Cafe Life: New Daily Quests offer sweet tasting rewards

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Cafe Life Daily QuestsPlayers sure do love their cooking and baking games! Cafe Life has over 2 million players to keep entertained, and if the game's adorable graphics don't do it - these new daily quests might! Today, Cafe Life has released one new special baking quest every day that gives out rewards.

My first quest is called "Hungry Customers", and I have 23 hours to bake 130 servings of Lemon Surprise and brew 132 servings of Cappuccino. This is a pretty easy quest, because each of these recipes give out the required number of servings in only one bake/brew. In addition, the Lemon Surprise takes only 15 minutes, and the Cappuccino takes 5. The quest gives out a sweet 300 coins and 40 xp, so you bet I'll be logging in to complete these quests on a regular basis.

Cafe Life was started to become a bit monotonous for me, as I got into a routine of just logging in to switch whatever I was baking and then logged out. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be thankful for a new goal to complete each day!

What do you think of the Cafe Life daily quests? Yay or nay?
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