Car Town: New Hummer and Beetle zoom into your garage

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Car Town is one of the most unique games on Facebook thus far, and has over 6 million monthly players. No one is doing car games quite yet other than Cie Games, and they're doing a great job of releasing new fun fast cars frequent enough to keep players entertained.

Today's new cars feature a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle, and a 2008 Hummer H2. These are two of the most trendy car brands out there, and you can't help but squeal at how adorable the little Beetle is. The Beetle is a level 25 car, with a D rating and a Performance Value of 183. This car is available in 7 different colors, and will cost you 20 points. It does provide 232 XP though, so it's not too shabby. There are only 7,356 left as of this writing.

The Hummer H2 is a class B vehicle available at all levels. It has an XP gain of 497 and a Performance Value of 246, but will set you back 42 points. That's not cheap. There are only 4,799 of them left, however, and they're going fast.

Are you buying these new cars? Have you won any races with them yet?
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