Twitter is a game with Super Twario, tweet like mad for the high score

Super Twario
Twitter for some is just another aspect of their social presence that needs to be maintained with a healthy amount of retweets, link sharing and original, witty commentary. But thanks to UK-based Head First, tweetin' the deets might become even more addictive than before with their new game Super Twario for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Well, that is before Nintendo decides to rain down righteous fire upon them for potential copyright infringement--but it'll be fun while it lasts, right? Anyway, Super Twario takes your Twitter feed and turns each tweet into an interactive platform within the game. Jumping on platforms with a strangely deformed bunny character (who we imagine is Super Twario) and hitting the tweets' user blocks will open up a slew of options on what to do with the tweet.

The main drive of the game is to earn as many points and achievements as possible for tweets, retweets and new followers, which will both boost your beloved Twitter presence and your high score on the leader boards backed by Apple's Game Center. Sorry folks, looks like only full iOS 4-compatible iPhones and iPod Touches are invited to the Twario party. Super Twario is available for download from the App Store now for £0.59, or $0.99 for us Americans.

Check out a video of the game in action after the break.

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