My Vineyard's Spooky Vineyard: Explore an eerie world of weird wines

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Spooky Vineyard
You wouldn't expect a game as calming and serene as My Vineyard to celebrate the most chill-inducing holiday of the year, but here we are in the Spooky Vineyard. Released by Playdom earlier this month, this new location is open to players Level 10 and above or for those willing to shell out 3 Wine Cash.

The Spooky Vineyard tasks you with unfolding the winding love story of Lady Anastasia by searching trees, bushes and crops for love-struck undead (weird, we know) and returning them to their beloveds' graves. Each time you unite an oddly complacent and loyal zombie with its much deader spouse, you'll unlock another clue that will take you closer to finding out just what happened to Lady Anastasia.

But who could forget the most important feature of the Spooky Vineyard: new wines! Find more on just that after the break.
My Vineyard Zombie
While searching the vineyard, players will stumble upon some viable wine ingredients among the amorous undead, rat droppings and cricket legs. Take these back to the wine cauldron to create new, strange wine blends like Blood of the Wolf (pictured below). Some ingredients are rarer than others--like the Wolves Milk--requiring some cunning to find. While you can buy these ingredients outright, that would ruin all the fun, wouldn't it?

Once you find all of the ingredients, you'll be able to blend the wine yourself in a small mini game that will directly effect the quality of your wine. All you need to do is pop as many bubbles as possible while it boils to keep the wine from burning. The more bubbles you pop, the better your wine will be. Better yet, these limited edition wines don't need to age and sell at the maximum price once boiled and blended.

Blood of the Wolf
Unfortunately, you can only search each spot once daily for ingredients and heart-broken cadavers. But there are more areas to the Spooky Vineyard to unlock as you master more recipes and unite more expired lovers. The Spooky Vineyard will close on Nov. 4, so learn Lady Anastasia's story and master the Halloween wines before it's too late.

[Image Credit: Playdom]

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