Doom creator John Romero launches Ravenwood Fair on Facebook

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If you play video games and don't know John Romero, you're most likely familiar with his creations, Doom and Quake. These two games set the tone for all first-person shooters, mixing fast-paced action with lots of guns and lots of gore.

Now the man whose previous games launched a million PTA meetings is exploring his softer side with a new Facebook game called Ravenwood Fair. Not only are there no guns or blood in this new game, but it stars a cast of cuddly woodsy animals who smile, say hello and make adorable 'ooh' and 'ahh' noises.

ravenswood fair facebook

The goal of the game is to build a fair, while earning FUN points to level up and coins which can be used to purchase items, decorations, et al in the in-game store. Facebook Credits can be purchased to buy more exclusive items and -- like most of the other games on Facebook -- your neighbors will play a part in your experience. Visit friends' fairs daily to earn extra coins and other bonuses.

Overall the game has a bit of a Renaissance Fair Vibe, with jaunty music and animals dressed up in peasant garb -- all you need is a live action role playing pit and you might be able to charge admission.

Ravenwood Fair also seems to be borrowing heavily from one of its peers -- FrontierVille. Not that that's a bad thing, in fact, it's quite the opposite. When you perform an activity, you're rewarded with a shower of bonuses that you must click before they disappear. The game also directs your experience with a series of missions that show up on the left hand side of the screen and an energy bar determines just how much you'll be able to get done in a single sitting.

Facebook developer LOLApps is the official company behind the game, which was initially set to launch last week, but delayed by Facebook because several of the companies existing games, including Critter Island, were violating Facebook's terms and sending player's personal information to advertisers and data mining companies.

"We learned that we were in violation of Facebook's policies relating to sharing information with third-parites. We have worked closely with the Facebook team to ensure that our applications and games are in compliance with their policies and look forward to continuing to partner with them to bring the safest possible experience to our users," says LOLApps in an official statement.

If you're not spooked by LOLApps and other Facebook games' recent privacy gaffes, then you should consider taking a trip to Ravenwood Fair. Much like FrontierVille, this is a charming game created with video game sensibilities that hopefully will lead the way to more sophisticated (or, to use Romero's words, "more gamed up") Facebook games.

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