You Have to See the Dance Troupe 'AGT' Judge Howie Mandel Gave His First Golden Buzzer

America's Got Talent season 19 is officially underway, and in a shocking twist of events, we already have a few contestants leading the eventual group of finalists!

Week after week, viewers tune in to watch judges Simon Cowell, Sofía Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel figure out who was worthy of making it to the next round of competition. While it's standard to send some people auditioning through to the next stage, some stood out from the pack.

The premiere episode on May 28 introduced Indiana janitor Richard Goodall, who made an impression on the judges when he sang a moving rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'." Since then, a plethora of other incredible acts caused a stir among audiences, with the judges handing out Golden Buzzers to move them straight on to the live shows.

With this in mind, it may lead America's Got Talent fans to wonder about the Golden Buzzer. What exactly is the Golden Buzzer, and what benefits does it give to those who receive one during the auditions? We have answers for you, because the Golden Buzzer comes with some pretty cool perks.

What is the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent?

According to NBC Insider, the Golden Buzzer was introduced on America's Got Talent back in season 10. The purpose of the Golden Buzzer was that when one of the judges (or the host) was extremely impressed by a competitor's talent, this allowed the contestant to immediately move on the live shows.

What's more, the outlet noted there are some significant caveats to receiving a Golden Buzzer. While it's more common for a judge to give one out when the talent is so immense, contestants who receive one can make it to the live shows even if other judges hit the red buzzer during the audition. This is a huge advantage, especially if the vote to move someone forward isn't unanimous.

If that wasn't enough, AGT decided to change the Golden Buzzer rules for season 19. While host Terry Crews still has just one Golden Buzzer, Simon, Sofía, Heidi and Howie each began the new season with two Golden Buzzers in their arsenal. This means more talent can move straight through the competition, leading to additional twists in store for the auditions.

Who got the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent in 2024?

As of right now, these are the acts that received an AGT Golden Buzzer for season 19, listed along with the judge (or host) who moved them forward to the live shows later this year.

Richard Goodall (Heidi Klum)

Richard Goodall majorly impressed Heidi when he came out to sing "Don't Stop Believin'," which moved the crowd watching him. Despite needing courage from the audience to sing, when it came time for her feedback, she raved how he swept her off her feet and she really enjoyed watching his performance.

agt 2024 richard goodall golden buzzer audition reaction
NBC Universal

Learnmore Jonasi (Terry Crews)

Learnmore Jonasi's comedy routine left the entire room in stitches, especially after he told his heartwarming journey to getting to the place he was at. Terry in particular was ecstatic about the show Learnmore put on, rushing out from backstage to give him a Golden Buzzer.

agt golden buzzer 2024
NBC Universal

Liv Warfield (Simon Cowell)

Liv Warfield caught the attention of the judges and audience on the June 4 episode, performing an original song, titled "Stare." Simon was so moved by how easily she connected with the crowd that he surprised her with a Golden Buzzer.

agt golden buzzer 2024
America's Got Talent/YouTube

Sky Elements (Simon Cowell)

Sky Elements shocked everyone (including the judges) when they delivered an epic drone act outdoors! Ushering everyone outside, the amount of colors and illustrations displayed left everyone stunned in disbelief. With an image of Simon being lit up in the sky, it makes sense that he chose to use his second Golden Buzzer and move Sky Elements forward to the live shows.

americas got talent auditions 2 episode 1902 pictured sky elements photo by trae patton nbc
Trae Patton - NBC Universal

Legión (Sofía Vergara)

Argentinian dance group Legión brought the Latin flair with them when they took the stage at the AGT auditions! As the group performed the Malambo dance native to their country, their precision and synchronicity wowed the audience. But it was the fact the dancers did their routine while their shoes were on fire that had Sofía giving them the coveted Golden Buzzer, exclaiming she'd "never seen anything like that" during her years as a judge.

agt golden buzzer 2024
NBC Universal

Brent Street Dance (Howie Mandel)

The Australian dance troupe Brent Street Dance had a unique way of introducing themselves on the June 25 episode of AGT. As only one member introduced themselves to the judges, the whole room was shocked when a plethora of people popped out onstage. With everyone stunned by the incredible routine, Howie had the ultimate response by popping up from under the judges' table and sending them to the live shows with a coveted Golden Buzzer.

Have any America's Got Talent winners received a Golden Buzzer?

It might come as a surprise to some AGT fans, but it turns out six winners from recent seasons actually received a Golden Buzzer ahead of time!

Back in season 10, ventriloquist Paul Zerdin became the first contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer, and he later went on to win the entire installment. Grace VanderWaal (season 11), Darcy Lynne Farmer (season 12), Kodi Lee (season 14), Brandon Leake (season 15) and the Mayyas (season 17) also received Golden Buzzers and went on to claim victories in their respective seasons.

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