Yellowstone National Park Lodging Is Easier Than You Think

Yellowstone National Park lodging

Bernt Rostad, Flickr

The splendor of Yellowstone National Park has drawn in millions of visitors for over a century. Beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking geysers are only a few of the reasons people visit the park. With so much to take in, Yellowstone National Park lodging options are increasingly popular for those who don't care to stray too far.

According to the Wyoming Travel & Tourism Board, there are nine options for those looking for lodging. The Board mentions services are somewhat minimal at these nine locations, so come prepared. This means no Internet, air conditioning, or television. Many rooms have phones but some do not. Also be aware that of those nine options, only two remain open during the winter: Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins. If you're looking for more modern accommodations, you'll have to look outside of the park in towns like Cody and Jackson.

To find out more about the nine Yellowstone National Park lodging options and make a reservation, you need to head to Use the menu to the left to browse through the various options. The site gives a full description of the various accommodations each lodge offers, including the pricing. The cheapest options start around $65 and have the bare minimums, with communal bathrooms located nearby. (The Lake Lodge Cabins' Pioneer Cabin is the exception at $69, with a bathroom located in the room.) High–end options also exist for those who need more space and better comfort. For example, the Western Cabins of Lake Lodge Cabins have two queen beds and modern furnishings with more space for $179. (Still no Internet, A/C, or television, however)

Most lodgings have at a minimum a small cafeteria with food options, while others offer a full-service restaurant. Some of the cabin offerings are pet–friendly, though you'll still be required to follow Yellowstone's pet regulations. Be sure you know what is offered before you book your lodging. If location is important, you may want to look at a map of Yellowstone (PDF file) to choose the location that fits your needs. If being close to Old Faithful is important, you may want to consider the Old Faithful Inn which is adjacent to the historic site.

Of course camping at Yellowstone is still an attractive option for many hikers and outdoor seekers. There are over 1000 campsites spread out over eleven campgrounds, and there's also a small RV park that's open during the spring, summer, and fall. Some campsites can be reserved while others are first–come, first served. A forthcoming article about camping at Yellowstone will explain this in detail.

For those who want to take advantage of Yellowstone National Park lodging, at least two airports nearby - West Yellowstone (WYS) and Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, WY (YRA) - make it relatively easy to fly to the park with your gear. (You can probably avoid renting a car if you fly into West Yellowstone; simply use Yellowstone Roadrunner or Yellowstone Taxi. You may want to rent a car if you fly into Cody.)

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