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So you're considering a fly fishing excursion? As far as fishing adventures go, fly fishing can be one of the most rewarding methods of enjoying the great outdoors. However, there is a learning curve associated with fly fishing. AOL Travel offers up a few useful tips and resources for fly fisherman wanting to learn more about the sport.

Fly Fishing Knots

When it comes to tying knots (with the exception of those in my stomach), the first place I turn to is Here you can find knots for all occasions, including fly fishing knots. The site is intuitive and easy-to-use, giving you control over how quickly the animations play. Additional information about each knot's advantages and uses means that you know precisely when to use a specific knot. The site owners even offer a mobile application for when you're in the field and forget how to best tie your line to the spool center of your fly reel.

Fly Fishing Flies

For those who take fly fishing seriously, the quality of the fly is just as important as the quality of the cast. Tightness, material type, and similarity to existing food sources all make up a great fly. In that regard, many fly fishermen turn to local resident artisans who are most familiar with the local food sources for animals. However, there are a few national suppliers worthy of consideration in the hunt for the perfect fly.

Wait, did I say "Perfect Fly"? This small, up-and-coming shop has only been around for a couple of years, but it's difficult not to be impressed with their attention to detail. Owner James Marsh has obviously done his research, offering detailed help with selecting trout flies based on location, food source, and more.

Also worthy of consideration is With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and over a decade of experience, the folks at Blue Fly Cafe offer great value for your dollar. Their site doesn't offer the breadth of knowledge that Perfect Fly does, but that's fine if you already know what fly fishing gear you need.

Fly Fishing: How to Fly Fish

Whether you're never picked up a fly rod or have been casting flies for decades, there's likely some aspect of fly fishing that you can improve or learn about. And while traditional books on the sport are still relevant, the interactivity and updatability of an Internet webpage makes it easier than ever to learn how to fly fish.

For the beginners, I recommend checking out Hooked on Flies. The site features a wealth of knowledge for those who are new to the sport. The interface is relatively clean and easy-to-use, and the material is written in chunks so as to not overwhelm.

If you're looking for more advanced information, recent news, and compelling reviews, I suggest you head to They've recently added their 2011 fly fishing gear guide to help you decide on the best and most appropriate gear for your next fly fishing trip.

Fly Fishing Trips

You have your waders, fly rod, and flies. You've soaked up a lot of knowledge and practiced your casting. Now you must decide where to go. Here are three resources that may help: Fly fishing reports and conditions for all parts of the United States, Canada, Brazil, Belize, and Baja Mexico Top ten fly fishing destinations in the world
• AOL Travel: My personal top fishing trips and destinations in the United States

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