Cave Tubing in Belize: Everything You Need to Know

cave tubing

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Jungle hiking, beach lounging, museum visiting – there are plenty of ways to get to know Belize, but none with the unique mix of excitement and relaxation that you get with cave tubing. Part lazy river, part jungle exploration, cave tubing is an adventure sport for adventure beginners; a theme park ride in the wild. You don't need a particular skill or a lot of courage, and all ages can give it a try. Here's everything you need to know to prepare for your cave tubing adventure.

Who is cave tubing for?

Cave tubing is a great activity for families, singles, or couples and groups are not a problem. As long as you have a guide and a tube, you're set to go off in search of your path and explore this unique and historical side of Belize. While you don't need to know how to swim, it's recommended.

How do we arrive at the caves?

Depending on where you start out, most cave tubing tour companies will drive you as far as they can and lead you to the water through 20- or 30-minute hikes. These walks go through the rainforest and you'll be able to view many species of amazing animals and plant life. Also note that you should always book an expert or tour company. Never go searching for the cave system or tubing on your own.

Who can help me cave tube?

There are plenty of adventure and tourism companies who would love to help you learn this exciting new sport – and it's definitely recommended that you go with them and not alone. The tour guides at are knowledgeable and have groups for both kids and adults. Their excursions with ATVs and off-roading are also a fan favorite. is another fan favorite with multiple knowledgeable group leaders who specialize in the Sibun River Cave Branches. Finally, Green Dragon Adventure Travel features horseback riding, extreme trekking through the jungle, and a very popular cave tubing excursion.

Where to try cave tubing?

Cutting through Mayan Mountains, Belize's Cave Branch River is a top-class waterway for cave tubing exploration. Through this path, visitors will wind around archaeological dig sites and the legendary Jaguar Paw, site of 1,000-year-old shards of pottery and clay statues, underwater waterfalls and a spiritual cove used by the Mayans to reflect on the afterlife.

A rougher river system of rapids fueled by downfalls of rains, the Sibun River is a more challenging tubing system, but a fantastic adventure. On this system, have your eyes peeled for extra-large stalactites that have been hanging from the cave ceilings for centuries.

What to expect?

The caves that Belize visitors tube through can be anywhere around 150,000 years old, dating back to the Mayan civilization. Since caves were a spiritual spot to the Mayans, they carved sculptures, left offerings and took pride in the appearances of these little nooks. You'll be surprised to be floating through a glittering cove of quartz. Bring a camera – but make sure it's waterproof.
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