Adventure Vacations for Couples: 4 Great Destinations

adventure vacations for couples

There are plenty of romantic vacation spots beckoning when you're planning a trip for two, but what if you're itching to spice the trip up? Adventure vacations are becoming more and more common these days and with fantastic under-discovered destinations becoming easier to get to, you've got your pick of vacation. Here are four great destination ideas for adventure vacations for couples that you can book right now.

Adventure Vacations for Couples: Costa Rica
Because of its eco-travel initiatives and new patch of resorts, Costa Rica has been gaining popularity with couples. But besides all the pool and relaxation time, there's adventure galore for active couples. Try a nature hike through the Escallonia Cloud Forest, a foggy rainforest that's home to dozens of types of hummingbirds and beautiful big orchids. Or, animal lovers will enjoy Tortuguero National Park, where endangered giant sea turtles commune.

Adventure Vacations for Couples: Hawaii
Many a romantic couple have taken refuge on the beautiful, lush islands of Hawaii, but there are plenty of stellar peaks for adventurous couples to climb. Big Island volcano tours are popular, held regularly, and usually consist of an itinerary of visiting the Thurston Lava Tube, walking around the Halema'uma'u and Kilauea Iki craters, and catching views of the closest safe lava flows; a perfect adventure vacation for couples.

Adventure Vacations for Couples: Grand Canyon
While it's one of our most stunning natural landscapes, many Americans have never visited the Grand Canyon. Strap on some backpacks and spend time getting to know your loved one and this great nation. There are many tour companies that can accompany private or large groups through gems like the Tonto trails, steep canyon walls and the Colorado River. The hike is equally difficult whether you chose the North Rim or the South Rim, but with proximity to Las Vegas, the North Rim is somewhat easier to reach, and within distance of some amazing Native American reservations where more experienced hikers can pick up a guide and head out on their own.

Adventure Vacations for Couples: Medellin, Colombia
Adventure vacations aren't always about hiking or surfing; sometimes they're just about being in a totally different place from your homeland. For an urban couples adventure that will take you out of town, try the not-yet-mainstream Medellin, Colombia. With numerous large malls, 17 theatres and arts institutions and a dozen museums, you won't want for activities in Medellin. Plus the city has an intricate system of cable cars and a metrorail transit system that makes it a very easy place for even beginners to get around.

Photo by Fundenburg via Flickr.

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