Adorable Husky ‘Sings’ Along as Dad Plays the Harmonica Like a True Pro


Huskies are known for their beautiful howling abilities, and also for being very vocal. ABC News shared a video on Sunday, June 9th of a Husky named Prince singing as his dad played the harmonica. It's the cutest thing you'll see today!

Prince and his dad are just hanging out in their family home. Anytime dad plays the harmonica, Prince joins in, singing the song of his people. What's so cute about this video is the way Prince swings his head around like he's really singing! I want an encore, Prince!

Prince seems like he's an old soul! ABC News explains in their caption that he's a soulful 6-year-old who howls along in harmony every time dad plays his harmonica. I'd be playing every day! @MamiRosie83 points out, "He moves like Stevie Wonder!" @Jane agreed, "That's not Prince, it's Stevie!" @Kimberly spoke for all of us when she said, "Awe!!! What a great performer! Love love love it!"

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Why Do Dogs Howl?

Not all dogs howl when they hear music or sirens or noises that they're not used to, but many of them do. This Australian Shepherd reacts like Prince and howls anytime he hears a siren, which is a regular occurrence in New York City! Dogs howl at things for a variety of reasons, Some dogs do it to alert their humans that there's potential danger. Some dogs have a protective instinct and howling alerts others to keep away from their humans.

Some dogs howl when they are excited or attention seeking so maybe that's what Prince is doing it for. Another Pet Helpful article explains, "You may have observed that hunting dogs usually howl when they've detected some game or succeeded in their hunt. They feel excited and like to communicate their success—they just want a little appreciation, which means they'll start howling to call their owner."

Commenter @DaddyChaddy said about Prince, "He's saying "Ow my ears"!" but that's probably not the reason Prince howls. Many of us think that they howl because certain sounds hurt their ears, but Spruce Pets says probably not, "For some people, the high-pitched squealing of a siren can be an annoyance to our own ears. This may lead you to believe that your dog may howl at sirens because the sound bothers them or may even cause them pain. However, most experts don't believe this is the case." They go on to say that if your dog is howling at a siren but not showing any signs of distress like cowering, hiding, or lip licking, then they are probably not stressed out by the noise. Prince seemed relaxed and happy and not at all stressed by the sound.

Whatever the reason, I always love hearing dogs howl! Our puppy howls if we howl, and it's the cutest thing ever. I hope she never stops doing it!

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