Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Watching Cartoons Is Making Everybody Smile


Does your dog enjoy watching TV? Many dogs do, and it's so cute to watch them become totally captivated by what's on the screen. Gus is a Golden Retriever puppy who seems to be completely fascinated with the boob tube, and the cartoons that Mom puts on for him.

Gus’s mom shared the video on Friday, June 14th and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today! Although the video is short, we get to watch as Gus adorably notices the TV and the cartoon that is on, and his reaction is the cutest. He stops in his tracks and sits down to watch. I wonder how long he watches when Mom puts on cartoons!

Gus is too cute! He was totally invested in the show! I wish we could see him from the front so we could see what his face looks like as he watches the cartoon. Commenters also got a kick out of little Gus watching the TV. People were saying how cute he is, and commentor Katie said, "Try nature programs too!"

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Why Dogs Like to Watch TV

Growing up, many of us were told that dogs are color blind. Recent studies show that dogs can see two primary colors, tones of blues and yellows. Many shows geared towards dogs are set in those colors, allowing dogs can actually "see" in color.

Take for instance, the children’s cartoon Bluey. Bluey is an Australian cartoon about Bluey, a 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy and her family. It’s a children’s show and teaches something about family, imagination, and friendship in each episode. Kids love it, but dog owners everywhere say that their dogs love it just as much as the kids do!

If your dog is a fan of watching the tube, you've got to check out Barxville a 'dogumentary' that was created just for dogs. Another Pet Helpful article gave this brief overview, "'Welcome To Barxville' is a new dogumentary highlighting all the fun things to do in Knoxville, Tennessee for dogs and their humans. The best part? This short film is shown from the point of an adorable Golden Retriever named Hank and filmed using an adjusted color grade and strategic sound effects so that pets can enjoy the film as much as their owners. So grab your dog and check this out."

We’ve all seen TikToks of dogs watching TV, but the ones when they are watching Bluey and other shows like Barxville (or shows you can find on YouTube) are a different story...they seem to be paying attention and following along with them! Even my seven-month-old puppy, who has the attention span of a fly will sit down for up to 15 minutes watching the cartoon and she loved the dogumentary! Dogs Like to watch shows with dogs, cats, and even food, and sometimes even think that the animals are in the living room with them! It's so fun to see their silly reactions!

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