Updated: The New DailyFinance Portfolio is Here

Attention: The new DailyFinance Portfolio is available now. Try it out at https://www.dailyfinance.com/portfolios/. We hope you'll like what you see!

For help navigating our new experience, check out our comprehensive
User Guide or start with our Quick Start Guide.


Here at DailyFinance, we are continuously looking for ways to serve you better. At the beginning of the year, we worked to bring you a clean, sleek website that looks the same whether you're on your desktop, phone or tablet. We also launched our Learning Center, which gives you access to free financial courses right on our site. We hope you've enjoyed these improvements.

Since our site re-design, we have taken time to review our portfolios tool, including your feedback and concerns with the product. We hear you and we agree; we can do better. Way better. And so, we have been working on an upgrade to our DailyFinance Portfolio tool. We've selected to partner with SigFig (formerly Wikinvest), a leading online web application for tracking investments, portfolio analysis, personalized investment advice and much more. They've been featured on TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Lifehacker, just to mention a few. Their expertise and partnership allows us to take our DailyFinance Portfolio tool to a whole new level and so today, we're excited to announce the new features you can expect from our Portfolio upgrade coming soon!

Our New DailyFinance Portfolio Will Be More Timely and More Powerful
  • Sync your brokerage, 401K, IRA or advisor accounts. You'll now be able to sync your accounts into your AOL portfolio. Currently, you can only manually type them in.
  • Receive better analytics. From world-class charts to detailed comparisons, you'll see your risk level, asset allocation, dividend yields --all giving you valuable insight into your money. You can even see how your holdings compare to market indexes.
  • Get market updates in real time. Enjoy up-to-the-second market news and commentary relevant to your holdings. We're pulling in news stories from over 500 sources.
  • Set up custom views of metrics.You'll now have the ability to create custom views based on the information you care about. Choose from a wealth of metrics, like net margin, revenue growth and more. If you don't want to customize, we have popular views like the Summary View or the Fundamentals View to choose from.
  • See holdings update automatically. With the feature of synced accounts, your data will be pulled in from your brokerages and so, they''ll update in real-time. We've also made improvements so that the stock values in your portfolio will update faster than before.

The Features You Use Are Not Changing
  • See your holdings by portfolio or account in one convenient dashboard.
  • Print or edit your portfolio at any time and as often as you want.
  • Receive daily or weekly newsletters of your portfolio performance.
  • While you will have the option to sync your investment accounts, you will still be able to add in your stocks manually.
  • Take your portfolio on the go with our same mobile app. The existing DailyFinance portfolio app will reflect our new features--an update will be pushed to your phone for download.

A Preview of our New Holdings Page
Our new holdings page features a new look and feel and improves upon our current experience, offering interactive charts that allow you to see your entire portfolio performance and your portfolio compared to all the major market indexes. To accommodate these new insights, we've shifted some things around, like your recent articles and movers, but rest assured, that information is still readily available. Refer to the colored circles below to see where things have moved.

A. Market Overview: The snapshot of the DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P 500 will be in the same location in our new Portfolio.
B. Holdings: Your portfolio information and performance will be featured in your main Holdings view, just like before.
C. Recent Articles & Movers: News stories and your top gainers and losers will be featured in its own tab. You'll just click the News & Movers tab, next to the Holdings tab.
D. Charts: Our new interactive performance chart is featured on all of of Portfolio pages. More analytics are available if you click the Charts tab next to the Holdings tab.

When Our New DailyFinance Portfolio Launches:
  • We'll notify you via email and DailyFinance.com.
  • You'll sign in with either your AOL or Facebook credentials, as you normally would.
  • Your portfolio data will automatically be imported to our new environment and all your data will be kept securely. In fact, our new DailyFinance Portfolio will be verified by Verisign, which is the same level of security bank and brokerages use.
  • At launch, a tour will be available on DailyFinance.com to walk you through the new tool.
  • If you're a brand new user, set-up will be quick and easy.

In the weeks leading up to the launch of our new DailyFinance Portfolio and at launch, rest assured that we will be navigating you through the changes and you'll see that our new tool will not only help you track your investments better, but could also help you invest better.

Please bookmark this page to stay up to date. We will be updating this page with more details up until launch, including additional previews and mocks of the tool. Download and print a full User Guide now to get step-by-step instructions on using the new Portfolio tool, FAQs, customer support and more.

What You Can Do Now:

  • If you currently use Internet Explorer 7, update your browser to Internet Explorer 8 or higher, as our new portfolio tool will not support the older browser.
We hope you're excited to see the new portfolio that's coming!
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