Making Romantic Beach Getaways More Romantic

So, you've booked your romanticbeach getaway. Great! But ... what's that niggling anxious feeling about? Nervousness? Nervousness bordering on (gasp) dread??

Don't worry, it's normal. You're not an unlovable freak (well, you might be, but it's not because of this). An impending romantic beach vacation is more than just exciting; it's also a whole lot of pressure. Suddenly, you may find yourself worrying that you need to lose five pounds, come up with a better personality and get completely different hair, all in time for your vacation, in order to make it the romantic beach getaway of your dreams. The good news is: you don't have to do any of that. You are actually good enough as you are to have a romantic vacation. As. Is.

Now, what to do with those nervous feelings? Here are some great ways to make a romantic beach getaway more romantic:

1. Bring your own love.

Romantic beach getaways are all about a change of scenery and throwing your relationship into a new setting to stir things up. You never know how your partner is going to react, so make a decision ahead of time to be okay with all of it. Bring the love. Love them through every misguided decision and bizarre little tantrum. As mentioned above, a romantic beach getaway is a lot of pressure, so be prepared for one of you to freak out a bit about something stupid, especially at first.

2. Plan some surprises.

The element of surprise is essential for romance. Bring a secret gift for your partner, or tell them that you're "taking them on an adventure on Saturday" (so that they know you're planning something and that they shouldn't expect to be lying on the beach that day).

3. Ask for help.

It may cost a little more, but ask your hotel what they do for honeymooners and/or consider upgrading to a "romance" package of some kind. These packages can include things like couples' massages, horseback riding, champagne dinners on the beach and more. Furthermore, your hotel will know all the best local restaurants with the loveliest views, as well as the swankiest ways to get there (Limo? Boat? Horse-drawn carriage ride??). Don't go in blindly!

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