Top Democrats say Trump may face impeachment Getty Images
Sandy Hook shooter described 'scorn for humanity' AP
Sources: Colin Kaepernick would play for Redskins AP
Dog stood guard at home burned in wildfire for weeks Twitter/@MuhammadLila
Online retailer comes under fire for 'OCD' pajamas Getty Images
Hayley Mills has aged so gracefully: See the 'Parent Trap' star at age 71 Getty
Last survivor of Amazon tribe caught on camera Getty
Disease 'interfered' with Kathleen Turner's work for several years Getty Images
Retailers that closed the most stores in 2018 Getty Images
Young Laura Bush was responsible for classmate's death Reuters
Frequently feeling cold may signal a serious condition Getty
Ariel Winter's lace lingerie look at party leaves little to the imagination Getty
Woman loses $42M jackpot due to 'malfunction' Getty
This Oscar-winning actor is notoriously tough to work with Getty
Prince Charles has one major concern for Prince Harry and Meghan's baby Getty Images
What really happened to Chumlee? shutterstock
These are the hottest items on Amazon right now AP
Princess Charlotte shocks public with unexpected outing Getty Images
Woman witnesses man deserting item in airport trash can Getty
Largest private donors in American politics revealed Getty Images
Dolphins' miracle final play leaves Patriots stunned AP
Type of exercise is best for those with arthritis pain -- and it's not yoga Getty Images
Ranking U.S. presidents by their estimated IQ Getty Images
French official tells Trump to 'Leave our nation be' AP
Refugees from one nation found new home in Midwest Getty
The funniest texts parents have ever sent their kids Definition
George H.W. Bush leaves behind impressive fortune Reuters
Here's what it's really like to work on a cruise ship Getty Images
Doctors reveal the 'secrets' to living a much longer life Getty Images
Tiffany Trump secretly dating a wealthy Nigerian Getty Images
The one strict rule Duchess Kate must always follow Getty
No. 1 least expensive US state to live in is ... SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images
Bear gets a massive fright from very unlikely source Jukin
Wait until you see what the original Mouseketeers look like now Getty
US states where Alzheimer’s disease is rapidly increasing Getty
Undocumented Trump staffer does not regret decision AP
Son of celebrity couple is worth $8M on his own -- and he's only a teen Getty
Least expensive grocery store in America revealed Getty
Cat jail-breaks dog bff from his pen in hilarious escape Rumble
America's highest paid Governor serves this state AP
Pitt banned from entering China over controversial act Reuters
Massive storm hits U.S. region, leaving many in the dark AP
Wacky photograph represents daily life in one state Imgur
Cherokee, Navajo populations reside in these US states Reuters
This hotel room item is crawling with germs Getty
The surprisingly big salaries of beloved HGTV hosts Getty
Simple trick with bottle and freezer can save you cash Getty
Surgery transforms woman into Melania look-alike Inside Edition
Shade of blue will take over interior design in 2019 Getty
See a doctor if you notice these breast symptoms ASAP Getty
Megyn Kelly gets good news amid NBC exit talks Getty Images
Stock to purchase as more states legalize marijuana Getty Images
Internet urges woman to break up with her boyfriend Twitter/bellakoval
Jennifer Garner shuts down red carpet in skintight mini dress Getty
Trump's must-read stance on Social Security in the US Reuters
Why people put coins on ice before leaving for vacation Getty
Common restaurant item is a hotbed for bacteria Getty
Your zodiac sign's best personality trait explained Getty
Large mass found in man's body is sliced open for all to see Getty
Woman catches awesome sight on lonely highway YouTube
Drywall expert working on sister's home goes too far Getty
Psychopathic twins once tried to commit horrific act YouTube
This Oscar-winning actress can now push a Jeep uphill with her bare hands Getty Images
Tourist unearths a rare treasure while combing the beach Getty
Japanese billionaire has prediction that will give you chills Getty
Women pulls prank on husband during gender reveal Jukin
'Miley' Cyrus wasn't actually born 'Miley' Carlo Allegri / Reuters
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